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Art. Daily life. Practice

Apie mus

We create and tell theatrical stories relevant to a particular audience and model them together.

Our audience

are people working in public and private sectors.
Making decisions and implementing them.
Young people aged 15+.
Educators. Social workers. Parents.
Convicts and those who work in custodial institutions.
Non-governmental organizations.
Researchers interested in Arts-Based Research (ABR) and Citizen Science.

Our superpower

is to create an environment, conditions and content for learning through edutainment. We help communicate initiatives and discover opportunities.



4Rooms Theatre troupe's performance offers valuable theater therapy, allowing for self-reflection from an external viewpoint. Within the educator community, it evoked strong emotional responses, creating the sense that someone outside of their profession understands the challenges they face. Presented on stage, these challenges appear less daunting and more comical. We thank the theater for their professionalism, positivity, and the chance to view life from a less harsh perspective.

Regina Svagzdiene, Velzys Gymnasium, Lithuanian language and theater teacher

We collaborated with 4Rooms Theatre on a project to train law enforcement officers on hate crimes.One of the main goals of the training was to raise awareness of biased, negative attitudes towards race, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, and other factors, and to encourage a change in these attitudes.

      As a psychologist with over 20 years of experience working with people, I understand how challenging it is to change attitudes and teach new concepts. 4Rooms Theatre creates an environment that fosters awareness and change. It “touches”, engages, provokes, and encourages discussion, often evoking strong emotions, even if not always pleasant, and challenging outdated attitudes.
      4Rooms Theatre team consists of deep, sensitive, and caring individuals who are passionate about their work. They can be trusted to deliver impactful experiences.

Edita Dereskeviciute, Training Manager, Human Study Center

In our small prison, the theatre brought a lot of movement, joy. The guys used to wait and ask when Mantas and Valentinas would come. The guys were involved, did the tasks, then talked about their impressions for a long time. But theater is an entirely unfamiliar area to them. The mere fact that children in our institution sincerely do something and laugh when happy is so beautiful!!! 4Rooms Theatre has managed to create these moments.

Fausta Palaimaite, Specialist, Resocialization Section of the Kaunas Juvenile

Isolator-Correctional Facility

Augusto Boal spoke of his interactive theatrical methodology: “This is not a revolution. This is a rehearsal for the revolution.” Telling its own theatrical stories, 4Rooms creates a human rights practicum-interaction for the audience every time. A discussion that opens up other people’s perspectives. It is a valuable and influential education.

Judita Akromiene, Head of the National Education NGO Network

A theater without a fourth wall, an inclusive theater that makes you believe in the reality of the situation, helps you open up. A theatrical process, in which a play has not yet been written; it's born here and now, and the plot twists sometimes take you where you might not have expected. Here you never know what truths will be revealed and how you deal with them. This theatrical method, which helps to understand the problems of society more clearly, requires maximum concentration, intelligence, a sudden reaction from the actors, and from the audience – belief in the certainty of the problem and a sincere desire to solve it. Fun, playful, and suddenly – unexpected, deep, sometimes stingingly painful…

Alma Montvilaite-Vosyliene, director

Theatrical methods are a wonderful way to explore relevant topics. Why? Because they allow immersing yourself not only in thinking, but also in body, feelings, imagination, which is more impactful than a regular “smart” discussion. These techniques are interesting, fun and active – the spectator can become a real participant in the scene.
      Why the 4Rooms team? Because when I work with them, I know I will get more than one surprising idea; I will be able to share ideas, and their execution will be professional.

Kotryna Gotberg, Head of Training Group, PRIMUM ESSE

4Rooms is a group of bold, creative, and innovative people united by the meaningful goal of making change through art. I observed their project “Not-Perfect” in Kaunas Juvenile Detention Centre correctional home. The children, who usually find it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time, participated very actively and willingly in the various activities. I also took part in training for law enforcement officers.

      I was fascinated by the role-playing of a real work situations and the subsequent discussion. This gave the participants a deeper insight into their daily work, and helped them to understand the feelings and experiences of the victims. 4Rooms Theatre team are professionals in their field who have been able to push the boundaries of how art affects people.

Vytautas Lamauskas, Advisor to Lithuanian parliament member 

Thank you 4Rooms for giving us the opportunity to relax, laugh and realise that sometimes not all situations seem as difficult and require complex solutions as we think they do at the time. Sometimes the answer is much simpler when we look at things through the prism of laughter.

 Rasa Pučienė, director of Vilnius kindergarten "Varpelis"

We invited the 4Rooms team to an executive retreat to help us address the topic of difficult conversations, which we have to admit was a completely different and unexpected way of approaching the problem. It allowed our managers to empathize with different situations, to be part of the solution and to reflect on possible solutions. Thank you to your team, and we can certainly say see you next time!

Gintautė Klimašauskienė, head of HR and administration, Adform

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