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Applied theatre

encourages interaction with the audience, granting them an equal role in the dialogue and engagement process.

This sparks intellectual engagement and encourages societal evolution by prompting thought and action.

Our work is based on the methodologies of Augusto Boal, Viola Spolin, Keith Johnstone, Jonathon Fox and Jo Salas, Helen Nicholson and Allan Owens.Their experiences ignite our passion to showcase the extraordinary potential of applied theatre.

Forum theatre

offers a method for audiences to explore and debate significant subjects. In this setting, the audience actively participates rather than merely observes.

Rooted in audience concerns, the script focuses on human bonds, community, and the responsibility inherent in decision-making.

The performance is intermittently paused to allow actors to gather audience input for script development, effectively transforming the audience into collaborative storytellers. This dynamic yields moments of laughter and enlightenment, blending therapeutic elements with introspection. It presents an avenue for enriching daily existence by fostering individual development that ripples into broader social and professional spheres.


Playback theatre

— a genre of applied theatre based on a distinctive partnership between performers and audience members.

An audience member shares a personal story or moment, seeing them transformed into artistic expressions on stage, observing as these stories come to life on stage. Grounded in improvisation, this form fosters a dynamic exchange and rapport with the audience. It is theatre for everyone, anywhere.

“Playback theatre is a theatre of neighbors”
Jonathan Fox.

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