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We introduce the scripts | topics, which we prepared by carrying out the projects | activities.

1. Mobbing       
2. Re-emigration
3. Inequality
4. Trafficking in human beings
5. Stereotypes  
6. Non-conversation
7. Sustainable development 
8. Business ethics
9. Hate speeches
10. Research
11. Social projects





A form of bullying: 

toxic leadership

Bullying, humiliation and underestimation of adults in workplaces is no less relevant than bullying in schools. Only adult mobbing is much less talked about.
One form of bullying in the workplace is toxic leadership. 
The meaning of the word "toxic" – poisonous, which can cause death or severe poisoning.
Toxic leadership harms employees and the organization itself – it destroys enthusiasm, creativity, autonomy, innovative solutions, and restricts freedom of action. How to recognize toxic behavior, how to self-assess, whether we are not demonstrate signs of toxic leadership? 
Mission possible!




Cyberbullying is just one the forms of psychological violence. On the one hand, it is extremely pervasive nowadays, on the other hand, it is forgotten that in addition to psychological violence, there is economic, physical and sexual violence. But let’s start with cyberbullying.
Let’s imagine gymnasium X. Talented students of the gymnasium study there, their IQ is high; studies confirm that in this case attention should be paid to EQ.
Situation: An IT teacher accidentally discovers provocative photos and videos that students share. What if that happened to us in a close environment?

The script was presented for the first time in Kaunas c. Maironis Gymnasium (2019)



Re emigracija

Courage to stay, courage to leave,

courage to return

Living in Lithuania and emigrated. We and they. Some are better, others more successful. Lithuania is one of the countries that allows dual citizenship only in very rare and exceptional cases, such as being born abroad, in a mixed family or for merits to Lithuania. Is it really good to demand that a person choose one citizenship? What steps would no longer divide those who left, those who stayed, those who returned? Let’s get deeper. No one will do it for us. Only by looking for solutions can options be found.

School is a mirror 

of society

Emigration is a global sore.
Re-migrants and their children – how do they manage to adapt after returning to Lithuania? How do educational strategies work in a particular school? How do the teacher, parents, administration and the children themselves deal with this in school X?

The script presented for the first time at the National Education Leadership Forum “Lithuanian School – Open to the World” (2018)






Inequality – a lack of equality. It is programmed from birth: born in a wealthy or not in a family, expected or not necessarily. The environment supports or destroys us, the state fools us very or only a little. Or just don’t pay attention to us.
Many smart heads try to solve the phenomenon of inequality, but…
Imagine: a social advertisement on a topic of inequality relevant to society is being created. A group for a brainstorm with a professional moderator – a coach is assembled. What forms of inequality are most relevant today? What is the target audience for such advertising? How should it be presented?

 The script was presented for the first time at the Freedom Picnic in cooperation with the NGO “Platform of Development Cooperation Organizations” (2018)


Trafficking in human beings



History of one


... A girl from a small town, socially vulnerable family dreamed of studying at a foreign university, becoming independent and emerging from a circle of hopeless poverty and zero perspectives. All it took was to make money in Vilnius.
... A typical working day of an investigator. Today he has to interrogate a girl who has experienced sexual abuse.

The script was presented for the first time in the training of the staff of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Lithuania (2018)

(Il)legal immigrants

in Lithuania

Volodia has been working in Lithuania for eight months already, and he is convinced that legally. He receives a salary, sends it to the family, and he doesn’t care much about the country’s labor laws. However, until the day an officer of the Labor Inspection comes to perform a scheduled inspection.

The script was presented for the first time in the training of the staff of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Lithuania (2018)

Trafficking in human beings:

how to identify the dangers?

Today’s world opens up many opportunities – to travel, volunteer, participate in international meetings in various countries.
A young man is easily fascinated by impressively narrated opportunities, and even in case of doubts, he tends to risk his safety. He doesn’t always have to talk over to someone.
Let’s try to learn how to check the facts, how to communicate, how to recognize potential dangers.

The script was first presented in the Performative Design project “Trafficking in Human Beings” under the program “Actors of Urban Change” (2018)




What does it mean to be a Muslim in Lithuania: the history of Hala and Ahmad

Hala together with her husband Ahmad came to live in Lithuania from Tripoli, the capital of Libya, a few months ago. She has a nurse-accoucheuse education and is looking for a job, Ahmad is an IT specialist, who is already working and continuing his master’s studies in Lithuania. The couple is looking for more suitable housing, because the university’s dormitory room is already too small.
How will Hala and Ahmad’s housing search and life in Lithuania develop? Let’s model!

The script was prepared and presented for the first time in cooperation with the project “Media 4 Development” (2017)

(In)visible: family


After two years of travel, the girl returns to Lithuania with a beloved. They are recently married. The young couple decided to stay in Lithuania for a while.
The girl’s Lithuanian family (father and older sister) is longing and is preparing to welcome them hospitably. It is worrying, how to please a guest seen for the first time, about whom is only known as much that his homeland is Zimbabwe. What does he eat, what does he drink, what does he like, how to communicate? What will happen when a dark-skinned person enters the house?

The script was presented for the first time in cooperation with the NGO “World Citizens Academy” to commemorate the African Days (2019)

“Mission-AFRICA”: selection for volunteering in Rwanda

Volunteering is an opportunity to get to know the world, to gain experiences.
Can you imagine, what kind of person would be suitable for volunteering in Africa?
Yes, we will also talk about stereotypes that we create ourselves, that are formed by the environment surrounding us, that are created by medias, and sometimes media representatives are forced to create them, because “Lithuanian people need that”. We will talk about our ever-accelerating way of life, the consequent rush to evaluate a human being, a phenomenon, a situation, thus sticking fast labels and creating new stereotypes.

The script was presented for the first time in cooperation with the NGO “Platform of Development Cooperation Organizations” to commemorate the African Days (2018)

Screenshot 2020-06-06 at 17.16.46.png



“Idea for Lithuania. Teacher – a prestigious profession until 2025”

Great idea! Who wouldn’t want that? Maybe teachers? Directors? Parents or children? However, a closer look shows the problems of communication, non-communication between all these stakeholders. Teachers complain about underestimation of a lesson, burnout syndrome, parents – about assessments, teaching methods, pupils – about the content of teaching, and all together – about bullying. What to do?

The script was first introduced to educators of Kelme and Birzai cities and districts (2018)

Social worker: where do my responsibilities end?

A pupil X, who has behavioral and emotional disorders, is learning in the classroom. According to the school’s possibilities, he is provided with the help of a psychologist, social and special pedagogue. During the break, the pupil X had beaten a classmate, a quiet and good pupil. This was the last drop that sparked an initiative of pupils’ parents to remove the offender to another school.
That is a dilemma of human rights. Who can solve it?

The script presented for the first time to social workers of Ukmerge city and district (2018)

An educational leader –

what he is today?

Everyone has an opinion about education in Lithuania. Here for example:
“The Ministry of Education has a very serious eye defect – myopia.”
“Not all teachers deserve good salaries. For some are even forbidden to raise them.” And pupils you cannot change. “Stupidity is a common feature of Lithuanians.” And what about the educational leaders?
And they say: now is the time for a breakthrough of leadership in education!


The script was presented for the first time at the Innovative Schools Club meeting (2018)


Sustainable development



If all the insects were to disappear from the earth…

… within fifty years all other forms of life would end.

If all human beings were to disappear from the earth, within fifty years all other forms of life would be flourish.
275 million of the total 7,594 milliard people are still hungry (by the data of 2018).
In developed countries, about 27% of food is simply thrown away every year.
Every year, 14 milliard tons of rubbish are disposed into the ocean.


Let’s see, how this topicality is addressed in everyday life – in the family, in the work environment. Who takes the initiatives, who implements them?
Choose characters:
- Parents and teenage son/daughter
- Innovative manager and rigid team of employees
- A young professional, who came to the team, disturbing the established routine

Do you have any suggestions? We will be happy to expand.

Environmental scenarios were presented for the first time in the project “Think differently. Raising students’ awareness in the fields of protection of international waters, climate change mitigation and land degradation” (funded by UNDP PAF MPP, Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania; 2006–2008; project manager – Raimonda Agne Medeisiene) 

2006-2008 - project manager „Think differently. Raising student’s awareness in branches protection of international waters, degression, climate change and earth degradation` (funded by UNDP PAF MPP, Ministry of Environment) 


Table game takes 1–1.30 hour. 4–8 players and a moderator meet at the game board. The moderator supports the dynamics of the game and is ready for a problematic conversation with the players. He discusses creative, socially responsible entrepreneurship, ethical leadership practices, the importance of conscious daily behavior, and the statements bases on examples of how simple action (i. e. choosing food) affects the environment, business, how it relates to education, how it reveals our declared values, which may be quite different from our unconscious attitude.
The table game “Internota” was created by Raimonda Agne Medeisiene. It has been awarded the “Smartest Fox” award of “PR LAPĖS – 2014” by the Faculty of Communication of Vilnius University for an educational and widely applicable game and its long-term perspectives.

“Internota” played for the first time at the International Conference Art and Management - AoMO 2014 at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark.
The publishing of the table game “Internota” was partly supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture (2014).


verslo etika
Screenshot 2020-06-06 at 17.16.46.png

Business ethics

Ethics in Digital Age 

Environmental protection, sustainable development, responsible leadership are the phrases that are juggled by medias, politicians, NGOs, and that is their playing field. There is a strong opinion that other rules are valid in business. Business is profit, and profit and ethics walk on different paths.
Modern business is moving into the digital space. As a result, the boundaries of ethical issues even more disappear.
What is responsibility of the contemporary business?

The script was presented for the first time to the students of the Estonian Business School Master’s study program “Management in Digital Society” as a part of the International Project Nordplus HE Mobility “Mobility for Business Ethics” (2017)

neapykantos kalbos

Hate speeches



Hate crimes, hate speeches, their impact at first glance may not be of paramount importance to our society. However, only by opening the comments under any article in any portal will we see, how seriously ill our society, how deeply ingrained inferiority is pouring in unstoppable word flows.
Human rights, tolerance and equality are words already learned, but what do they look like in practice? Here, for example, our character – Remi Scout Harley, a Dutchwoman, a lesbian, coming to small Lithuanian towns for work matters. In one of them, local hooligans come up with a joke. A real experiment of human rights, tolerance and justice starts up.

The script was developed for the training “The Impact of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech. Peculiarities of communication with victims” (2019–2020). This training is funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union (2014–2020)





Implementing artistic educational projects, we have a unique opportunity to communicate with various audiences. It is a natural step to take art-based research as well. Their applicability to various fields of science is based on foreign experience. Based on the research performed, a list of presentations at conferences and publications is available here.
Publications are currently being prepared for research, during which the influence of applied theater methods on moral competence by applying quantitative instrument of prof. G. Lind (test of moral competence, MCT; Lind, 2004). Subjects of research – medium-level managers of civil service institutions and another group – convicts.
We are ready to expand cooperation with investigators. We see opportunities for various researches, in which artistic intervention makes sense.


Social projects

socialiniai projektai



Social educational art project “Im|perfect” (the applied theater methods sessions for the stigmatized group of specific social exclusion – prisoners and correctional facility workers) carried out by the Forum Theater 4 ROOMS team in 2019, was nominated for the LRT Awards of the Year “Equality of the Year” for example of equality and tolerance, for efforts to spread freedom of self-expression.

Convicts are not perfect.
We are not perfect.
Society is not perfect.
Our meetings maybe will save at least one soul.

The project was implemented in Kaunas Juvenile Interrogation Isolator – Correctional Facility (KNTI-PN) and Panevezys Correctional Facility (PPN)

In preparation for the project, we volunteered in KNTI-PN – in a reality, which we do not see. The meeting helped to understand, how our abilities can be useful for prisoners.

The reality is the following:
- mistaken people often come from an environment, in which were programmed only for such possible life scenario;
- they are treated in correctional facilities according to the available funds and attracted specialists; there is a lack of both funds and specialists;
- currently there are about 7,000 prisoners in Lithuania. They will be released in due time. It is more beneficial for all of us, if at least part of them no longer commits crimes.


The project was partially supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

With the kind permission of the heir of copyright Mrs Aldona Vilkauskiene,

the website uses paintings of the artist Romanas Vilkauskas: 


Elegy for Van Gogh.1994. Oil on canvas, 100×80 cm

Interior with Mailboxes.1981. Oil on canvas, 89×94 cm

Still Life with Apples.1979. Oil on canvas, 63×97 cm

The Wall.1983. Oil on canvas.105×145 cm

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